Guild Wars 2 Fashion: Leopard Lacewing

My GW2 Fashion outfit!

You probably wouldn't know it but she does happen to be a necromancer. Rejecting the traditional death-and-skulls motif her class is partial to, Leopard Lacewing instead draws from life for this particular outfit.


"Oh no, I have nothing against all the darkness and mystery. While there is a bit of stigma to those of our order, we are certainly not evil simply because we walk this path. Besides, should one cross me, they are in no way mentally prepared for the nightmares that will follow"

-Leopard Lacewing

The look

  • Feathered headpiece
  • Winged tunic
  • Winged gloves
  • Winged pants
  • Feathered boots
  • Desert Rose
  • Strawberry, Leprechaun, Lime Ice and Crisp Mint.


From a joke suggestion by a friend to colour myself orange and green, the pumpkin scheme was born and I immediately lamented my lack of a Fervid Censor. However, with the release of the Desert Rose skin - I knew what had to be done.

While a recent addition to my wardrobe, it is fast becoming a favourite. The detailings on the winged armour was too good an opportunity for vine mimicry to pass up. I tried to tailor the outfit to the backpiece with a gentle pink and vibrant greens.

I hope you all love the result as much as I do!

Published Jul. 26th 2013
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