Cliff Bleszinski Defends Phil Fish and His Twitter Rampage

Bleszinski defends Phil Fish, the creator of indie game FEZ.

Earlier today, Phil Fish, the creator of the indie game FEZ and subject of the acclaimed “Indie Game” documentary, decided to go on a twitter rampage and effectively cancel FEZ 2.  Since then, there has been a backlash from the twitterverse about Fish’s comments, with people calling him “whiny” among other things.  However, he does have one person in his corner.  That person is Cliff Bleszinski, the former head of EPIC and outspoken supporter of game developers. 

In a swath of supportive statements on his twitter account, Bleszinski defends the indie dev stating.

“If I bled out of my eyeballs for years to make Fez (lawsuits and all) and were publicly attacked I'd be a bit defensive and sensitive too.”


“This industry could use MORE unique talent like Phil Fish.”

With all of the drama surrounding the release of the first FEZ, it is not surprising that Fish would want to cancel the second game. However, it might be a good idea for ol’ Phil to get some sort of PR person that could handle his social media accounts.  Though he may be frustrated at the internet, he needs to know when to stay his tongue if he expects to keep his loyal fans and continue to create amazing games.

Published Jul. 27th 2013
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