Batman: Arkham Origins Burnley Tower Glitch & Other Common Bug Issue Fixes

The Burnley/Lacey Comm Tower glitch and the Boat Rope bug are getting on everyone's nerves. Here are some of the most common bugs and their fixes (if they have one!).


If you cannot find the issue covered here or want to check out more Batman: Arkham Origins walkthroughs and common bug fixes, check out the Master List.

It is Day 1 for Batman: Arkham Origins, and we are off to a good start running headlong into a whole bunch of issues. Some of these are fixable, some of them will definitely require patching from the developers - but here are some things you can try.

Please note, most of these errors relate to problems experienced on the PC Steam version of the game.

Burnley/Lacey Communications Tower Glitch

This is the big one, and the one that everyone from the Steam forums to WB Games have been screaming about for hours. 

Once you zipline through the ventilation shaft and hack the communications tower, you are supposed to Batclaw your way back up through the ventilation shaft and climb out. Unfortunately, Batman only hangs there by his fingertips and is unable to climb out. 

There is no current fix for this. It will need to be patched by the developers. What you can do in the meantime is Fast Travel out of there, but it will not unlock any of the Enigma stuff or the fast travel for Burnley. There have also been a few reports from some people who managed to get past it "while crouching during hanging up with the Batclaw" but this has been unconfirmed so far.

EDIT: There is a tap-dance workaround for this. (Thanks nghiatito!)

Strangely, this only affects the PC version of the game.

Getting Stuck on Penguin's Boat

This is the second biggest issue people are running into, but at least for this one, some people have been finding some ways around it. At one point Batman finds himself in a section where he needs to Batclaw himself over water using a pontoon. Using the Batclaw on the ring results in the ring being pulled off and the rope falling down, locking Batman on the rope. 

Several players have suggested pressing Left Ctrl which will allow you to let go of the rope. Others have suggested restarting from checkpoint and then opening the door. 

Some have tried pressing Left Ctrl and reported that this will release the rope but not fix the issue and insist that a patch is needed. I have not been able to test this part yet.

EDIT: I have gotten through this section myself, and while I did not see a section in which the rope fell down, I did find that there was no indication what to do when I had finished pulling myself in one direction over water. Pressing Left Ctrl let go of the rope for me, leaving me free to Batclaw something else. No issues. 

Game Crashing

First, make sure that your drivers are updated, check these out in particular: 

  • VC redist 2010
  • NVIDIA PhysX drivers
  • AMD/NVIDIA GPU drivers
  • DirectX Jun 2010 or SDK
  • Dot .net Client profile 4.0
  • Dot .net Extended Profile 4.0

This should fix a few issues with game crashing (while changing resolution, upon game startup, etc.).

Remember that if you use AMD, do not turn on PhysX. NVIDIA cards are the only ones that can run this. You can only set your CPU to run it for you, which will not help your performance. Arkham Origins is optimized for NVIDIA on PC, so if you are experience stuttering, errors, and lag issues, try to keep it under MSAA x4 - this should not be a problem for higher-end AMD cards though. 

Steam Preload Error - No Play Game Button

This affected some players who preloaded their game before the game officially released. After the game was released, the preloaded game did not display the 'Play Game' button. 

To fix this:

  • Shut down Steam
  • Reboot your PC
  • Restart Steam 

Reset Video Settings 

This is if you have messed around too much with the settings and are unable to go back in through the Settings menu to fix them. You can change them all back to Default without being in-game:

  • Access your Arkham Origins folder (Steam\steamapps\common\Batman Arkham Origins\SinglePlayer\BMGame\Config)
  • Remove the BMEngine.ini file
  • Start up the game again, it should be restored to Default settings

Laggy Cutscenes

This can be caused by some issues with Direct X 11 and advanced video profiles which causes stuttering and sluggish cutscenes. 

  • Access your Arkham Origins folder (Steam\steamapps\common\Batman Arkham Origins\SinglePlayer\BMGame\Config)
  • Open BMEngine.ini in Notepad
  • Set AllowD3D11 to False

This will set it back to Direct X 10/9. There are some areas in which you will see random FPS drops throughout the city as well that may be caused by this issue.

EDIT: I saw a report on the Steam forums that they released a patch on the first day that fixed many of the framrate and stuttering issues for Direct X 11, as well as multiple mentions of it on the WB Games forums, but I haven't been able to find it in Steam updates history myself to be certain. 

Avast Virus Issue

For some reason, Batman: Arkham Origins shows up on Avast's radar as a virus. This is a false positive.

WBID/Multiplayer Issues

This one affects people in different ways. One of the first things that you are offered is the opportunity to get your hands on a new Batsuit if you create a WBID. Through personal experience, after trying to do this, I got an error through the website when I tried to verify my account. If you attempt to login, you will not be able to.

  • Restart the game. You will get a message congratulating you on creating an account and unlocking the new Batsuit.

Other issues under this umbrella include level resets in multiplayer, and WBID kicking you offline

My best advice is to avoid multiplayer for the time being, since it is the first day and the game is very buggy. You risk running into the above problems as well as losing level resets and player progress in single player.

Flickering Killer Croc/No Dialogue

I experienced this one myself. I had a little trouble in the fight with Killer Croc (that still sounds so embarrassing to admit) which resulted in my fighting him about three times. On the last time, he bugged out and started flickering. Which was fine in terms of gameplay, it made him no harder to fight, but it did make for some silly screenshots. So far, those affected appear to be using AMD, but there have only been a handful of reports.

(Killer Croc trying to eat your face off)

(what you see with flickering Killer Croc glitch)

This will need a patch fix too, but at least it is harmless and not gamebreaking.

Additionally, sound and subtitles may cut out during this fight, as well as at the very beginning of the game. There is currently no fix for these either, and require a patch. I did not encounter this issue. 

Sound Bug in GCPD Communications Tower

Sound may cut out for you in/after the GCPD Tower area. This is fixable, but not immediately.

  • Follow the game through the area and complete the scripted commands
  • You will reach a door locked by a terminal which suggests switching to Detective Mode and scanning around you
  • Exit the game and reboot

Sound and subtitles should now be functioning again.

Skip Steam Intros

And lastly... this is not exactly a bug, but it is very annoying. The opening intros for the game are very long, very annoying, and completely unskippable. 

  • Go to Steam Library
  • Right-click on Batman: Arkham > Properties
  • Add this to launch options: -nostartupmovies

I will post more bugs and fixes as I find them. Many thanks to users on the Steam forums, the WB Games forums, and friends around the internet!

For those of you feeling extremely frustrated, please remember that this is the first day - there will be bugs. They will be horrible and game-breaking, as per any new release. The Batman: Arkham series has weathered these before, and have come away from them as superstar releases stacked with awards. It's not exactly easy, but give it time. 

If you cannot find the issue covered here, I have written several articles on other common issues and their fixes:

  • Issue Fixes #2 (covers getting stuck in GCPD tunnels, Mad Hatter issues, etc.)
  • Issue Fixes #3 (covers post-Steam patch final Bane fight black screen, Steam issues, etc.)
  • Issue Fixes #4 (covers Chapel glitch, My Alibi glitch, Copperhead bugs, Deathstroke, Steam, etc.)

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Originally Published Oct. 26th 2013

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  • 1
    Clauricaune 9 months ago
    The "flickering" Croc glitch also happened to me, and I'm running a GTX 770. Additionaly, the sound cut off during the fight. The game previously crashed while I was fighting him. I have fully updated drivers. No clue what that was about.
  • 56
    Stephanie Tang 9 months ago
    Featured Columnist
    Thanks for the input! I'm glad you were able to get through it though, even if I can't offer you any quick fix for it just yet.
  • 1
    Aleksandar_4488 9 months ago
    I'm having a problem while fast traveling to the batcave. I see the cut scene where batman enters the batwing and the loading screen appears, it just keeps the loading screen up. I've left it for about 20 minutes, no change.
  • 56
    Stephanie Tang 9 months ago
    Featured Columnist
    Have you tried alt-tabbing? Not a full-proof fix, I grant you, but some people (on both Steam and Origin) have had some luck alt-tabbing out of the game for a few seconds, then alt-tabbing back in.
  • 1
    Nghiatito 9 months ago
    I Stuck in Burnley com tower too... :sad:
  • 56
    Stephanie Tang 9 months ago
    Featured Columnist
    Damn. :( I know, it sucks. Until they release a patch though, your best bet is still to fast travel out of there and check out some of the other stuff you can find in the game.
  • 1
    mhm_3640 9 months ago
  • 56
    Stephanie Tang 9 months ago
    Featured Columnist
    You're quite welcome! Comment if you run into any more issues, I'll compile more problems/fixes I'm sure.
  • 1
    Phry_2145 9 months ago
    There also appears to be a problem with the main questline becoming halted after you do the anarky questline. It is mentioned in this video: and in the comments of this video and I am currently experiencing it myself. Very frustrating, unsure what i'm supposed to DO.


    Turns out the actual event triggers for the Lacey tower mission is bugged which has been widely reported. If you head towards Lacey towers on the map (watch a walkthrough to get there, search lacey towers in youtube) you take out the cops on top of that building and the quest seems to progress as normal despite no marker.
    Last edited 9 months ago
  • 56
    Stephanie Tang 9 months ago
    Featured Columnist
    Thank you very much! Super handy to know. :D
  • 1
    Benjamin_9432 9 months ago
    Only problems I've found so far are issues with Batman climbing up from ledges, similar to the Burnley Tower, but a quick shimmy to the left or the right normally fixes it... Now that that works when trying to climb into a grate, though...

    I'm running...
    Radeon HD 7970 VAPOR-R 3GB
    i7 4770k
    16GB RAM

    I've had a couple of framerate stutters, but nothing I would consider out of the ordinary...
  • 56
    Stephanie Tang 9 months ago
    Featured Columnist
    Yeah, I've done that a few times. He does some pretty hilarious things movement-wise but I guess that's kinda expected with this kind of movement/combat system.

    I've had a few framerate drops while I've just been exiting out of a cutscene/flying around the city, but the new patch seems to have taken care of that.
  • 1
    Jordy2211221 9 months ago
    I have a problem, but it's on my console version. Matchmaking in AO Online doesn't work, I just get put into my own lobbies that nobody joins. I live in New Zealand, so could the problem just be that I don't live in America?
  • 56
    Stephanie Tang 9 months ago
    Featured Columnist
    There have definitely been a lot of multiplayer issues, and even though I know a lot of that is on the PC end of things, multiplayer needs your WBID regardless of PC/console if I recall correctly, and things have been a little problematic on that end. :/ I can ask around though!
  • 1
    pooldaed 9 months ago
    found major bug or glitch. in the GCPD tunnels in the GCPD telecom room the big elevator goes back to being on the upper level and not with you on the lower level. So if you go back to get the enigma infopacket you get stranded with no way to get back up. who do i talk to about this.
  • 56
    Stephanie Tang 9 months ago
    Featured Columnist
    I'm not sure, I have not gotten to this myself, but I will take note of it when I try. Thanks!
  • 1
    Perbs 9 months ago
    I am loading my last checkpoint and Batman is just flying in a gray world that never ends. Happened in the deadshot checkpoint.
  • 56
    Stephanie Tang 9 months ago
    Featured Columnist
    Restarting has helped some instances of this happening, though not all. I hope it works for you.
  • 1
    Jake_2617 9 months ago
    My game had been glitching in really terrible ways which makes me question the true quality of the work. Two times now I've been sneaking behind guys and it's obvious nobody can see me, but it won't let me do a silent takedown. I just tried in the part where you have to get into the GCPD building's morgue, and there was a sniper in the middle of a bunch of guys with guns, and I tried to take the sniper out, but it wouldn't let me. I had to beat him up and run away.
    Last edited 9 months ago
  • 56
    Stephanie Tang 9 months ago
    Featured Columnist
    How odd. With sneaking I haven't had a problem sneaking... in fact, I've been doing so laughably well that I can be pretty much in front of someone and directly in their line of sight, but they don't see much until I whip around behind them and suffocate them.
  • 1
    GoldenReam 9 months ago
  • 1
    god_9356 9 months ago
    There is also the problem on pinguins boat that if you decide not to get out after defeading DS and you go back trough the mine shafts to the theater that you are stuck forever.
    Cause the door to the boiler room and theater is closed.
    And trough the ventilation shafts is a one way street.
  • 1
    Kanmax92 9 months ago
    There were 2 bugs that really annoyed the crap out of me, there is a bug right before the firefly boss fight where you have to grapple on to a wall after scaling the side of it. If you grapple but choose not to climb on to it, you will fall and that wall be not be target-able.

    Another one happened fighting Bane for the second time, after the cinematic my character just floated off into darkness. I watch for 5 minutes as Batman just floated on and on and on.... Either way most of these were remedied with restarting.

    That said that Burnley Tower bug is a pain in the rear end!!
  • 1
    Coxy_9689 9 months ago
    I've written myself a simple batch script which I've configured in the Windows Task Scheduler to run every half hour that backs up my save game, this way if I encounter one of the game breaking bugs (I've hit two already) I'm only out by a maximum of 30 minutes.
  • 1
    xandercorp 9 months ago
    Well... I got a bug where I'm stuck on Penguin's boat forever, cause the door I was supposed to take didn't open(I saw it open in a walkthrough). It was closed for me though, and I'm stuck there with nothing to do but replay the entire bit until that point... I've played the entire series, this... is by far the worst one.
  • 1
    Shawn Saint 9 months ago
    There is also a major bug in the Mad Hatter side quest where you get stuck in the wall when you try to climb a ladder later on in the mission. I really hope they start patching this game soon ...
  • 1
    huehue_9080 9 months ago
    Hey. I just found out how to fix that glitch in burnley tower. It's weird solution, because you need to use other 2 glitches(lol) but it worked for me. So first thing you need to do is to destroy the window, then stand next to the window(dont go inside) and use your Cryptographic Sequencer to unlock the computer. Then you need to use that glitch on the video(flying batman and pipe). When you are on the top of the building you just need to open the real doors and unlock the real computer. Then you can just open doors and leave ;p
  • 1
    Luca_9913 9 months ago
    I found another bug. With the ko moves when you have the electric gloves: at first you do a special ko with electiricity but then is like a normal ko with broken bones
  • 1
    Unsatisfied_5380 9 months ago
    Everytime I get off online and get back on my entire character and level progression are reset to 1. No questions asked, regardless of how far i get or what i do it is the same everytime. Nice advice BTW
    -"My best advice is to avoid multiplayer for the time being, since it is the first day and the game is very buggy. You risk running into the above problems as well as losing level resets and player progress in single player."
    It's broke so don't play it yall. What a load. Helpful columnist is unhelpful.
  • 56
    Stephanie Tang 9 months ago
    Featured Columnist
    If I have nothing to offer, that is the only thing left to do. I could suggest that people should continue running into a brick wall and losing all character/level progression every time, but that's a waste of time.
  • 8
    Si_W 9 months ago
    We still have to wait in the UK until Nov 9th before we get our hands on this...
  • 56
    Stephanie Tang 9 months ago
    Featured Columnist
    Ouch. From the way they put it in their press releases, October 25 was a worldwide release with some few exceptions for European countries. The UK seems like a big region to leave out. :(
  • 1
    MikeM_3383 9 months ago
    Besides th Burnley Comms Tower glitch, the only other issue I have experinced is that sometimes there is no sound during the fast travel cutscene.
    Last edited 9 months ago
  • 1
    tomemozok 9 months ago
    Isn't there any way to add noclip in the game?
    I have the burnley tower glitch,and just can't seem to get that tapdance off,so i will appreciate if someone could just tell me how to noclip. I have been trying to solve that little mystery for hours...
    EDIT: I managed to do the tapdance,and it WORKS! SO to anyone who has this stupid glitch,try it. But noclip will be simpler i think so.. :D
    Last edited 9 months ago
  • 1
    Draculoptus 9 months ago
    I found another solution for the Burnley district's GCR tower using cheatengine table to teleport you straight to the roof by using coordinates(X,Y,Z). I used SunBeam's table to do this just google it, and read the posts it is in one of cheatengine's forums.
  • 1
    miniend 9 months ago
    "Everytime I get off online and get back on my entire character and level progression are reset to 1. No questions asked, regardless of how far i get or what i do it is the same everytime". I have that same problem.
  • 25
    Germaximus 9 months ago
    Saw this Burnley Tower fix as I came across the problem yesterday. Tried the glitch for a few minutes and gave up on it. I could find the sweet spot and I would do the little hippity hop a million times and even float in the air but it wouldn't launch me.

    That's cool though. Out of the almost 20 hours I've played the game so far, I've mostly just enjoyed kicking butt out in the open world.
  • 1
    Wilmer_9034 9 months ago
    I keep getting a glitch where I fall through the floor and it's right at the restart point so if I restart I fall again.
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