PS4 Flooding Twitch; Will Xbox One Restrictions Make Players Lag Behind?

Will PS4 overrun Twitch with channels, leaving Xbox One a much smaller percentage of streaming video? Given the consoles TOS regarding streaming, it's possible

Sharing on the new PlayStation is ridiculously easy - streaming to Twitch from your PS4 is a four step process that almost anyone can complete.

  • Press Share Button
  • Select "Broadcast Gameplay"
  • Select "Twitch"
  • Select "Start Broadcasting"

It's incredibly painless and available to anyone playing on the PS4.

While the Xbox One will also integrate with Twitch, it will only offer integration to players with Xbox Gold.

Which begs the question...

Will PS4 crush Xbox One on Twitch?

We shall see. Right now, my money's on yes. What do you think?

Published Nov. 15th 2013
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