Fire Emblem If Will be Sold as 2 Different Versions

Fire Emblem If, coming out in 2016 for 3DS, will have 2 different versions sold separately. Here are the details!

Recent news about the new Fire Emblem game, Fire Emblem If, was announced at Nintendo Direct: there will be two different versions of the game.

Since the game revolves around the very different stories and situations of two opposing factions, the developers/publishers saw this as an opportunity to make some more money by splitting the game into two different products - a light and dark theme. The light theme obviously refrences the peaceful faction that's supposed to be an easier campaign, whereas the dark theme is for veterans of the series and war-hungry players.

One might think that this is another shameless money grab and screw over, the consumers. But we should take note that devs say each campaign is about the same length as Fire Emblem: Awakening - which is a solid 16+ hours campaign. And when you're looking at two 16+ hour campaigns, it's hard to argue that we're being screwed over - especially since the two campaigns are totally different storylines and characters from Chapter 6 onwards. 

They're also not asking us to buy both games at full price. If you buy a retail copy of one of the games, then the other campaign can be downloaded as DLC at a discounted price.

There will also be another piece of DLC content with a standalone campaign that has little or nothing to do with the main story. The plan is to sell both light and dark themes along with this DLC as one Special Edition Bundle. 

What do you guys think of this plan? Good? Bad? Comment below! 


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Published Apr. 5th 2015
  • Sam Yoo
    Featured Contributor
    At this point in my life, more Fire Emblem games will always be a positive, even if it is motivated by capitalism.

    In all seriousness though, I do like the idea since it gives each half of the story some room to breathe and maybe be explored in better depth. (Contrast with say Tales of Xillia which was supposed to be 2 different storylines but really didn't take advantage of it).
  • John Harper
    I really enjoyed how Half Life and then 'Blue Shift' and 'Opposing Force' put the player in the same facility at the same time (roughly) with overlapping events, seeing the other 'character's at different times, but totally different game plays. What it did do was make the whole half life experience that much more breathtaking. I loved it. I would think this would do something similar.
  • Farrel Nobel
    Yes, hopefully so :)

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