7 Crazy Game Theories That Will Blow Your Mind

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Squall is dead through the entire last half of Final Fantasy VIII

Squall is the protagonist of Final Fantasy VIII – one of the best games in the series. At the end of disc 1, Squall and his friends fight Edea, the game’s antagonist. She seems to be defeated, but then she casts a powerful spell that kills Squall.

As you play the second half of the game, you see Squall being alive again and trying to find answers to questions from the first part. You may think that he survived the hit, but this theory suggests that he didn’t survive and everything that happens in the last half of the game is simply Squall’s post-death visions.

There's lots of evidence that prove this theory and there is even a dedicated fan-made website. So, if you are a fan of the game and never heard about this theory before, then check it out for yourself and get your mind blown.

What other crazy gamer theories surprised you the most? Share them in the comments section.

Published Oct. 4th 2016

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