League of Legends 2016 Worlds Finals: SSG Vs SKT

Two Former LOL World Championship Teams face off in the 2016 LOL Worlds Finals

After one long month of countless games, the League of Legends 2016 World Championship is finally coming close to an end. On October 29th, the finals for the World Championship will take place and the two teams who will battle for the World Championship title have been decided.

The two powerhouse teams from Korea, Samsung Galaxy and SK Telecom T1 are going to face off in the finals.

Samsung Galaxy was previously two teams, Samsung White and Samsung Blue, and won the World Championship in 2014 under the White name. Under the Galaxy name they've only had one loss out of 12 games from the groups and the bracket stages.

Though SK Telecom T1 hasn't had as impressive of a record in this World Championship, they have won two previous World Championships, once in 2013 and once in 2015.

Expectations for both teams are high as fans are waiting for two World Championship class teams to face off.


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Published Oct. 23rd 2016

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