Knock, Knock. Who's There? Madden.

25 years of Madden...the year of the future...or is the game heading away from its monster sales?

Madden who?  Madden 25.  Ok so it is no small accomplishment to hit 25 years of a gaming experience.  The early years of the Madden legacy offered stunning upgrades from year to year.  The fans were always excited to see the graphics updated. It was the thing that kept its fans coming back like rabid dogs lining up for the kill each and every year, at least some fans anyway. 

The gaming world has to give EA Sports some credit; they are the sports gaming juggernaut.  They have placed themselves in the limelight of most every major sport on this planet!   EA Sports are the “who’s who” of sports games.  From football (Soccer) to football (NFL), and everything in between you will find the EA Sports logo attached to the video game version of these sports.  One has to say congrats to EA Sports and Madden NFL.

With all of the kudos out of the way, what does the silver anniversary edition offer?  The connected franchise is back, including the new owner mode.  The EA Sports Ignite engine promises to be the next step in making games unique. Fans should check out the Madden website for a complete description of this new technology.  That's about it on a short list that Madden has talked about thus far.  Whether these improvements will be the over the top additions worthy of a silver edition game, remains to be seen.

The OTA’s are underway in the NFL, so that means the clock is ticking on EA to get things put together before the August 27th release date.  A mention worth note is the coupon that will be divided between PS3 and Xbox 360, which will allow the first 100,000 purchasers a discount for Direct TV’s NFL game day package, ten bucks a month off.  One final mention is that the NFL game day package will be available on the PS3 again this year, after a haphazard attempt two seasons ago.

While the big time media surge has yet to come out during the summer months, some fans according to the blogs are on the fence about this year’s edition of Madden. A lot of fans want to see tattoos come back and more player editing. Oh and what ever happened to the trophy room?  Maybe even a little bling or even a player’s mansion, for the career mode.  At the end of the day it is a game isn’t it?

A lot of devoted players and fans are awaiting the big 25th year of Madden…will it be a hit or will the door begin to close on a franchise?


Published Jun. 3rd 2013
  • Karl_5539
    I have to say for your first piece was well done, but short. Could have been more detail into the article where a listing of changes from last year's edition to this one, but overall well done for your first article keep 'em coming
  • jackcable
    ty karl!
  • Adrian Wackcapulet
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