American McGee's Alice: Scariest Game as a Child

Creepiest game I played as child. Loving it more as an adult!

When this game was released, I was a small child, newly into PC gaming, not expecting this. Was it a great game? Oh hell yes. Should I have played it as an 8 year-old? Hellll no.

Not only did this game entertain me as a child, but it also gave me the creeps. Given that this game is a very twisted Alice in Wonderland, it's also a very good story. When I look back, I don't understand how I could have played it without fully understanding the entire game. I enjoy it much more now that I'm playing it as a young-adult. I catch on better to the game and find it more intriguing.

'So, why is this game so amazing?' you may ask. Well look at it! How couldn't you love it, and better yet, the second one released on Steam. I haven't had the pleasure of playing the second one yet, but after playing the first it's due soon.

From what I've gathered, the graphics in the second American McGee's Alice are much better. Granted, the first one was released in 2000, it was a bit choppy. The smooth graphics of the second one make me yearn for a re-make of the original. The only thing I would change would be the ability to play two-player. I know this is a long stretch, but it would be interesting to have the Cheshire Cat beside you through your journey.

All in all, I can't wait to play the second one and immerse myself into the magical land of Alice in Wonderland.

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Creepiest game I played as child. Loving it more as an adult!

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Published Jul. 26th 2013
  • Stainlessoyster
    I haven't played the first one, but the second one I have played. And that game is one of the weirdest game there is. I really need to find the first one to buy if it's that good :P

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