Blizzard releases preview for new Allied Commanders map "Chain of Ascension"

The latest co-op mission coming to Starcraft II is based off of the Legacy of the Void campaign map "Rak'Shir"

Patch 3.2.0 for Starcraft II is currently in testing, but Blizzard has already gone public with its latest co-op map "Chains of Ascension." This map will be familiar for Legacy of the Void players as it uses the same map mechanics as the "Rak'Shir" mission in which Artanis had to aid Alarak in his duel with Ma'lash. Instead of Alarak, however, commanders will be aiding his second in command, Ji'nara.

"Ji’nara, First Ascendant of the Tal’darim and Alarak’s second in command, has been challenged to the rite of Rak’Shir by a splinter faction that continues to worship Amon. If their mysterious challenger emerges victorious, Amon’s minions will be poised to seize control of the death fleet from Alarak and return its might to Amon’s grasp. Provide Ji’nara with the psionic support she requires to defeat Amon’s champion and put an end to this insurrection once and for all."

- Flavor text, via Starcraft II official blog

While the premise of the map is similar, the map is not. Various changes have been made to the original iteration of the Rak'Shir duel - much like how Lock & Load was changed.

The original "Rak'Shir" map from Legacy of the Void's campaign.

The new "Chains of Ascension" map. Note the expanded map size, higher unit density, and doubled natural expansions.

The concept of "Chains of Ascension" is simple. Build up an army, and keep as many units as possible next to the two Tal'darim combatants to push your ally to the end of the map. While the mission's description is easy, it is not as relaxed as it sounds as the enemy will likely send more than enough of its own units to push you and your ally into a corner.

Those who are feeling adventurous can also try their luck at slaying the Slayn Elementals. These creatures will roam the map, and if you are unfortunate enough to run into them while the enemy is pushing their Champion down the lane, you may be caught in the crossfire. Take these out as soon as possible for experience points bonus as well as an easier time commanding the action.

While an official release date hasn't been announced for patch 3.2.0 yet, it will likely be released alongside Nova Covert Ops on March 29th. Until then, stay strong commanders!

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Published Mar. 24th 2016

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