Terraria 1.2.3 Update - Dyed Wings!

From the creator himself, Andrew Spinks has announced some new information on the 1.2.3 Terraria update.

Some more news is available from the creator, Andrew Spinks, via his Twitter account. Spinks tends to use his Twitter to announce the upcoming updates for Terraria as well as give us a sneak peek of things within the update. Thanks to the wonderful world of social media, you'll see first-hand what dyed wings will look like, and much more.

Dyed Wings!

It's well-known that you can craft wings within Terraria, but the 1.2.3 update, which is expected around February 16th, will let the user dye their wings many different colors. By the looks of this, the color dyeing will also affect hover-boards.


Along with the wing updates, Andrew Spinks and the guys behind Terraria are also developing fireflies that will sit upon the trees, and fit inside bottles if a net is developed. You might think fireflies aren't that amazing, but it can be very gorgeous while playing Terraria in the pitch-black and seeing these little flashing creatures high up in the trees and sky.

How do you feel about this upcoming Terraria update? What would you like to see? Comment below!

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Published Jan. 26th 2014
  • rob aden
    thank you very much for this..

  • Mikael Rhym
    I want to see i mac version please!! I AM BEGGING YOU PLEASE MAKE A AMC VERSION!!! All my friends have this game, all my friends have a pc, im stuck with my mac :) u thinks i want this mac?? i do not... I hate this mac its usless and annoying!!!! I cant get a pc beacuse it costs too much and the only reason i have a mac is because my mom bought it thinking it was "virus safe" yeas 1,200 wasted...
  • IGM_7872
    This is great, but what the fans want is the corrupt Archangel, god armor, and god blade.

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