World of Warcraft: Legion story spoilers and NPC leaks reveal juicy details

Legion's alpha has been datamined, and some pretty big spoilers are coming up fast.

Once more, we're in alpha season for a World of Warcraft expansion, and anyone who keeps a tab on Blizzard activity knows that means one thing: datamining, datamining, and more datamining.

With Legion alpha just now going live, MMO-Champion has found some very interesting information regarding Legion's story, and what little we know so far is more exciting than anything we've seen in all of Warlords of Draenor.

Spoilers ahead!

If you've been wondering why Sylvanas has been the cinematic front-runner this time around: she's the new Warchief, since Vol'Jin is missing in action. There had already been tons of speculation about why the Banshee Queen might be at the helm of the Horde expedition, but now that we have another piece of the puzzle, the theories are just going to keep piling up.

And King Varian? If the heartfelt message he left his son in the cinematic trailer wasn't enough foreshadowing for you, well, surprise! He's dead.

Anduin Wrynn is the new king of Stormwind. Now it makes a little more sense why he got such a huge spotlight starting in Mists of Pandaria, and why he's Hearthstone's iconic priest. (Not that there's a huge list of priests to choose from in the lore.)

And to add to the spoilers and inevitable speculation, dataminers have come up with a spoilerific list of lore-heavy NPCs that are in the game's files. From long-awaited Warcraft II heroes to characters only seen in the novels to old favorites, there's a little something on this list for everyone.

Grom Hellscream as an undead? Broxigar, the original Saurfang? Aegwynn, the mother of Medivh? What the hell is going on in this expansion? 

Whatever it is, it's something to look forward to.


Published Nov. 24th 2015

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