Jump In with Jingtai and Fly with Lilu in Master X Master

In the latest Master X Master news, players can now strike hard with the Staff Master Jingtai or fly in the sky with Lilu and her spirit hawk Haru.

With the First Alpha Test this Friday, the developers at Master X Master have released more Masters to prepare the new players. This time we have two more originals coming to the MXM roster: the staff-wielding Jingtai and the Shaman Lilu with her spirit hawk, Haru.


As a survivor of the Synd purge on Earth, Jingtai was taught in the way of the staff. Wielding the Jin Gang Staff, handed down from his late master, Jingtai is an aggressive Skirmisher, chasing down enemies and pushing them around. He attacks with a series of blows, increasing in speed as time goes by and finally knocking them into the air.

His passive is called Staff Fighter and has two effects. The first effect, Endurance, greatly increases his stamina after every fourth skill use. The second effect is Cascade of Blows, which increases his attack damage by 2% every successive hit up to ten times within a short period of time. His survival skill is Pogo, where he balances on his staff, avoiding all damage. If he uses the skill again, he leaps towards the direction of the mouse.

Jingtai attacks swiftly with the Million Staff Burst, lowering the enemy's defense with a burst of attacks. He can also dash into enemies with Sweep Aside, knocking them back. A second use allows Jingtai to jump towards the enemy, closing the gap to attack -- but with Bounding Strike, he can jump further and also cause an AoE damage where he lands. While Fling may not damage the enemies, Jingtai can use it to throw the opposing Masters into his team to finish them off. His ultimate is Spirit of Protection, launching a spiritual projection and blocking projectiles.


Lilu is a shaman assisted by her spirit hawk, Haru. With Haru, she can traverse the map as a scout and disrupt her opponents as a support. Her holy totem, the Tomahawk, shoots out bolts of wind, and with her passive Razor Beak, she deals out additional damage every fourth hit. Her survival, Wingrider, allows her to ride Haru to dodge damage and avoid obstacles, but that's not all Haru does.

With Bird of Prey, Haru can pick up both enemies and allies before dropping them and causing a shockwave. Haru can also carry Lilu with Birds of a Feather, flying across the map while granting a movement boost to allies. Talon Swarm allows Lilu to create a magic circle, causing intermittent damage to all enemies in the area and vision. Feather Crest targets an enemy before striking them with a spiritual hawk. Her ultimate, Screeching Crest, causes her target to release bursts of screeches that cause damage to all enemies in a large area.

You can find more about the different Masters at the PlayMXM site or at the official MXM Forums.


Published Jun. 23rd 2016

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