How to Get Started in Dreams and Find Your Creative Nirvana

There's a lot going on all at once in Dreams. We explain how to approach it all without getting overwhelmed.

It's no secret that Dreams is a bit much when you're first starting out. That's because Dreams is essentially a vast, endless toybox – attached to a vast, endless toolbox of equal stature. It's totally common to wonder which side of Dreams to dig into first, and how to even find the resources to get yourself where you want to go. Here's what you need to know to get started.

How to Get Started in Dreams

There are two main modes in Dreams: DreamSurfing and DreamShaping.

DreamSurfing is for experiencing content; DreamShaping is for everything else. Once you get past the sheer size of the overall package, you'll easily figure out how to get where you're going.

Dreamsurfing and Dreamshaping are two different experiences.


Would you prefer to play with tons of cool little indie games, vignettes, and toys? DreamSurfing mode has everything you need. The first place you should get started is our list of Top 10 best first dreams, but there's an absolute boatload of amazing stuff that we haven't gotten a chance to try out yet.

You'll have the easiest time finding cool stuff by following the 'recommended' lists that show up near the top of the page, but if you're willing to put up with a few duds now and again, the AutoSurf mode will randomly throw new dreams at you. It may even come up with some gems that you might have never found otherwise.


Getting past the learning curve of the toolkit isn't as challenging as it first appears. The philosophy here is that you can (and should) attempt to create anything you imagine. The DreamShaping toolkit is robust and forgiving, even allowing you to publish unfinished elements for others to pick up and "remix."

Luckily, Dreams is designed to point you to the most valuable resources for your skill level and interests. If you're patient, just following its ample variety of Imp Quests, Tutorials, and Masterclasses will teach you everything you need to know.

When you're just getting started, we recommend that you pursue the kind of stuff you'd like to create. Are you an art fiend, a musician at heart, or a game design mastermind? Dreams tracks your "aura" by looking at what kinds of activities you do often, then it guides you from there.

Getting started is the hardest part. Once you get started, you'll find your creative nirvana in no time.

Dreams lets you be super creative, whether you're into sculpting, making games, or writing music.

That's the skinny on what you need to focus on to get started in Dreams. The scope and scale of what's out there isn't so bad after all, right? The bevy of creative tools can seem overwhelming at first, but they're really only as complex as you make them via your own creativity.

There's a tutorial for everything. It's easy to get moving in the right direction once you know what you want to create and, if you want to create something, you probably can.

Stay tuned for more Dreams tips. We've already got guides for you on leveling up quickly and make your imps truly yours. What else do you want to know about in Dreams? Let us know in the comments below! 

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Published Feb. 22nd 2020

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