Monster Hunter Hollywood Film in the Works

Capcom's popular hunting action game series Monster Hunter will be receiving a Hollywood film made for theaters.

Among Capcom's other announcements at this year's Tokyo Game Show, the announcement of a Hollywood movie based on the Monster Hunter series was among the most surprising.

For those unfamiliar with Monster Hunter, it is an action game series by Capcom that revolves around the hunting and killing of massive boss-like fantasy monsters, and crafting armor and weapons from their hides. The series began with a PlayStation 2 title simply called Monster Hunter in 2004, and over the last couple of years it has become a massively popular franchise with a devoted fanbase, and new installments coming out every year. 

All that has been revealed about the film as of now is that is will be live-action, and produced in Hollywood, while any details regarding plot or release date have yet to be mentioned.

For those interested in the Monster Hunter series itself, you can see a trailer for the upcoming RPG spin-off installment, Monster Hunter Stories, down below:


Published Sep. 21st 2016

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