MLB The Show 16 buying guide

MLB The Show 16 is right around the corner. Which edition of the Sony slugger best suits your baseball needs?

MLB The Show 16 is the latest installment in The Show franchise and -- if it is anything like its predecessors -- it is sure to be a home run. The game revives revamped fan favorite game modes such as Road to the Show and Diamond Dynasty, while also adding new features such as the showtime feature. The showtime feature will allow players to slow down gameplay during an at bat or while fielding the ball. If you started a player in last years game, then you can bring the player to this years edition using the carry over saves feature. 

Pre-ordering MLB The Show 16 will have its benefits. Pre-order bonuses include 10 standard packs and 1 player rep rookie card. For those who pre-order on the PlayStation Store, you will also receive three exclusive MLB themed PS4 avatars along with the packs and player rep card. Those who pre-order at GameStop will receive five bonus item packs along with the packs and the rep card.

The game is available in three separate editions, which are detailed below:

Standard Edition - $59.99

  • The basic game 

MVP Edition - $69.99

  • 5,000 in stubs
  • 1 sponsor pack
  • 10 standard packs
  • 31 MLB themed PS4 avatars
  • 1 Opening Day pack
  • MVP Edition steel book

Digital Deluxe Edition - $99.99

  • 11,000 in stubs
  • 1 sponsor pack
  • 20 standard packs
  • 31 MLB themed PS4 avatars
  • 3 Opening Day packs

Which of these editions of the game is the one for you? Well, if you don’t really care about card packs or avatars, then you can rule out the $100 Digital Deluxe edition. From there, it is hard to argue with all of the offerings of the MVP edition for just a measly $10 more. I’d say the MVP edition offers you the most value.

 MLB The Show 16 releases on PS4 and PS3 on March 29th, 2016.

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Published Mar. 21st 2016

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