New Tearaway Trailer

the new Tearaway trailer has me tearing up with joy!

Coming soon from Little Big Planet developer, Media Molecule, is the PlayStation Vita exclusive, Tearaway. The game was made with the Vita's interesting features in mind, including the rear touchpad, gyroscope, microphone and touch screen.

Set in a unique world of paper, Tearaway looks very interesting and is actually one of the reasons why I purchased a PS Vita. 

According to gameplay and audio programmer, Matt Willis, "...the whole concept of Tearaway was built around the Vita." He said Media Molecule wanted to avoid gimmicks.

"Instead of making these things gimmicks we are using them in ways that are intuitive and interesting to the players."

Media Molecule released another trailer last week detailing the audio and music involved in the game. 

For your viewing pleasure, it's embedded below:

Tearaway comes out this week for the PS Vita, and will be bundled with the system, along with Little Big Planet Vita and a 16 GB memory card exclusively in the UK. Prices for the bundle vary under £200.


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Published Nov. 19th 2013

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