7 of the best local co-op PC games you should play

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The PC may be a brilliant gaming platform, but it’s always been viewed as the inferior option when it comes to local co-op games. As much as I love 1440p resolutions, Steam, cheaper titles, and the ability to play games at more than 60 frames per second, I do lament the fact that so few desktop titles are created with local co-op in mind.

In recent years, however, this trend has slowly started to change. Rather than the usual small handful of titles that feature local co-op modes, an increasing number of developers have begun to realize that the PC is making headway into the living room space that used to be reserved solely for consoles, and that their games should reflect this.

As more and more smaller, form-factor PCs and dedicated Steam boxes make their way beneath the family television, more PC owners want titles that feature local co-op modes. Sometimes it's better to play with family, friends and partners, than against them.

So, if you’re wondering what some of the best local co-operative games are on the PC, here are 7 that you should try. 

Published Jan. 13th 2016

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