12 Best Board Games On Steam


Developer: Flaming Fowl Studios
Price: $24.99
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For fans of dungeon-delving, Gloomhaven has everything you could want as a board game except the often prohibitive $140 to $200 price tag.

One of Gloomhaven's biggest draws on Steam is that you get to play the full game at a fraction of the actual board game cost, and it won't take up your entire table to play.

There are plenty of tactics to utilize in this squad-based dark fantasy tabletop game, and there is infinite opportunity to destroy enemy creatures and upgrade your characters.

Gloomhaven on Steam is still in Early Access, however, and is currently missing a number of key features like multiplayer co-op. There will be big changes coming to the game ahead of its full launch, including campaign and additional tweaks.

For more, check out our Early Access impressions of Gloomhaven

Published Dec. 11th 2019

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