12 Best Board Games On Steam


Developer: Berserk Games
Price: $9.99 (DLC for Tabletop Simulator)
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This Kickstarter-backed zombie board game took the world by storm a few years back. In November, it raised $3 million to fund a brand new second edition.

If you like zombie games but don't have the patience to set up a physical board, then the digital Zombicide needs to be on your shortlist.

One thing to remember about this version of the game, though, is that it isn't actually a one-to-one adaptation of the board game. Instead, this is a DLC pack for Tabletop Simulator.

It takes a little getting used to, but you can play full games of Zombicide with all of the original cards and minis in an online session with a friend. You can also flip the table in a fit of rage and screw up all the cards if you want, but that's up to you.

Published Dec. 11th 2019

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