Top 10 Minecraft 1.12.2 Ice Plain Seeds

Seed with Dungeon and Abandoned Mineshaft

Seed: -846503012736196725
Biomes: Ice Plains, Ice Mountains

If you've ever wanted to reach the Nether by staying in one place, look no further. This seed contains a ravine filled with riches that rival even Tolkien's dwarven strongholds.

From the spawn point, head south until you reach the dungeon (coordinates: -180, 360) containing stacks of gunpowder, string, iron, redstone, and iron horse armor. Yes, it's not much, but the enemies serve as a precursor to the mobs that await.

When you're ready, enter the tunnel network five blocks above the dungeon, which includes not one but two monster spawners in the massive abandoned mineshaft (coordinates: -191, 388; -197, 416).

Be sure to forge plenty of iron pickaxes, as coal, iron, gold, lapis lazuli, redstone, and diamond are conveniently located along tunnel pathways. 

Treasure chests are located at the following coordinates:

  • -207, 415
  • -153, 436
Published Dec. 13th 2017

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