Hop your way to the Play Store for Oddhop

Oddhop will have you hopping to the Play Store to download it.

Oddhop by MHGames is a puzzle game filled with cute creatures which use strategy to advance to the next level. And it's so lovable that it had me hopping for hours.


The first thing I noticed when Oddhop loaded was the colorful graphics. It’s so happy and welcoming, with a font that matches the colorful theme. Even the loading screen is an adorable one eyed creature. It doesn’t matter your macho-ness level, you’ll proudly be caught playing this addicting game.

The background on the menu and waiting screen is forever animated, so there’s always something moving on your screen. The actual board on which you move the creatures around on is a grid made out of hexagons. The monsters are always are always moving as well. Although they are odd looking, they are happy with their buggy eyes (or eye, as the case may be).


The music is very upbeat and light. It feels like a modernized version of the track that plays when Ash Ketchum rides his bike in Pokemon. It’s not overbearing -- you barely notice it. but this music definitely helps you keep calm while you're playing. And you need to stay calm, because...



Don’t let the colorful theme and cute creatures fool you -- this game makes you break a sweat. The gameplay in Oddhop gets pretty intense. The point is to clear the grid of creatures by hopping over them. You can move diagonally, up or down. Different creatures have different abilities, as well.

Each creature that disappears rewards points that will get you closer to a three-star rating for that level. You'll still advance if you can't clear all the odd monsters, but you'll miss out on points and end up with a lower rating. 

There is no story here, but there doesn't have to be for you to enjoy the game. It's good to play anywhere at any time -- it can be a quick breather from daily activities or it can entertain you for hours.

The game can be played over and over again, because you find different ways to beat it each time. The levels have a replay button that allows you to replay any level instantly to try to get more points or stars.

I really liked this game. It's definitely a keeper, I can put at little or as much time into it as I want. The graphics alone keep me staring at the screen. I'd recommend this game to anyone who loves puzzle games or someone who needs a game to play at work, on a commute or has a quick moment and wants to decompress.

Oddhop is available on both Android and iPhones. 

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Oddhop will have you hopping to the Play Store to download it.
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Published Jun. 30th 2016

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