The Art of Killing the Hero: Most Memorable Deaths of the Current Generation

Six of the most memorable deaths of this console generation

SPOILERS AHEAD!One of the most satisfying things about playing video games is experiencing the characters and stories we play. We go on epic adventures, magical quests, and memorable journeys with these heroes and villains and we get attached, which is why when one of those characters meets their maker it makes it that much harder to swallow.Over the course of this extremely long generation of consoles, we as gamers have had the opportunity to make many connections to our favorite protagonists. The only downside to making connections to those colorful pixels on the screen is that sometimes those pixels die, and no matter how many times we play the game and no matter how many controllers malfunction from being soaked in tears and thrown against the wall, the outcome is always the same.These are the top six most memorable deaths of this generation (in no particular order) Halo Reach: Noble Six                Mass Effect 3: Commander Shepard                Modern Warfare 3: Cpt. John “Soap” MacTavish                Red Dead Redemption: John Marston                Gears of War 3: Dom Santiago                The Walking Dead: Lee Everett                 Do you agree? Are there any memorable deaths that impacted you? share them in the comment section.


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Published Jun. 18th 2013

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