The Results Are In! Here Are The Best Of E3 2016 Winners

Best Independent Game


Inside is a puzzle platformer developed by Playdead which puts the player in control of a nameless, red-shirted boy who explores the different environments that make up his surreal world.

Players can make the boy run, jump, climb, swim, and interact with his surroundings in order to complete each puzzle.  The boy also has mind control and some form of telekinetic powers to aid him on his journey through the dreary world of Inside.

Inside has a lovely monochromatic palette with only blots of color here and there to accentuate important parts of the game's environment. The lack of color matches the feel of the game, which portrays a world filled with masked individuals, mad scientists, and parasite infested swine.

Inside is out now for the Xbox 1 and PC.  

Published Jul. 9th 2016

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