Final Game For EVO 2013: Smash Bros.

The eighth and final game of EVO 2013 has been decided. Super Smash Bros. Melee will be the final game of EVO this year.

At the start of the year, EVO announced the first seven games of its competitive lineup for the Evolution Championship Series for this year's event.  More immediately relevantly, they announced a charity fundraiser for the final game, stating that the game that had the most money donated in its name would find itself as the final game chosen.  They announced that the winner would be decided at the end of the month of January.

Now that it's February, the official announcement has been made.  While for most of the month it was a close race between Skullgirls and Super Smash Bros. Melee, in the end Smash Bros. pulled well ahead with a dominant lead, becoming the eighth and final game of this year's EVO.

The final totals had the donations from the two games at $94,683 for Melee and $78,760 for Skullgirls, with the total donated across all of the games in the running reaching an astounding $225,744 for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  Look forward to the coming gaming this July!

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Published Aug. 1st 2013
  • Wokendreamer
    Featured Columnist
    It's been a while since they were invited, I expect it's gonna be a hell of a homecoming!
  • Lioso Cadelanne
    Woooooooo! Smash Bros!

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