P·O·L·L·E·N Is Out Now - Explore A Titan in VR

P.O.L.L.E.N a sci-fi first person exploration game set in a space station around Titan, Saturn's largest moon, is out now.

P.O.L.L.E.N, developed by Finnish studio Mindfield Games, is out now. It's a first-person exploration game, set on a space station orbiting Titan, Saturn's largest moon -- as well as the moon itself.

A fatal accident happened to one of the crew members, so you are sent to the station to replace them. When you get there, you notice some things are not quite right. You take it upon yourself to work out what's gone wrong by finding clues in books, photos, or audio logs. P.O.L.L.E.N is not of this world -- literally, as it's set in an alternative future where the space race between the US and USSR never ended. Mega corporations have taken it upon themselves to colonize the solar system, which means there has to be lots of nefarious goings-on for you to uncover and expose.

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The focus on VR with P.O.L.L.E.N is so intrinsic to the game that, even though you can play out of VR, something as simple as your movement speed is changed -- when in VR you move slower to mimic a real life walking pace.

P.O.L.L.E.N is inspired by sci-fi classics such as 2001: A Space Odyssey, The Moon, the original Solaris among others.

P.O.L.L.E.N is out now for both Oculus Rift, and standard monitors, on Steam, Humble Store, GOG.com, and Playfield. With HTC Vive support, and a PS4 version coming later in 2016.

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Published Jun. 10th 2020

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