FFXIV: Patch 2.1 Warrior Changes

Details on the Warrior changes have been released.

With Patch 2.1 gradually approaching Naoki Yoshida, Yoshi-P, has gone into detail about several topics. Of most importance to me, is the change to Warriors. As every warrior is aware, Warriors are just not wanted in endgame. The developement team has done a complete overhaul to address this.

The Changes:

Warriors have only lost one thing that I have seen, but they have gained so much in return. Warriors finally get some mitigation in their skill set. For specifics, I'll break it down by skill. Skills will be separated based on class/job, like Yoshi-P's post.


Here are the class skill changes.


Brutal Swing:

  • Recast time has been reduced to 20 seconds, allowing for more stuns.


  • Increased enmity generation.

Storm's Eye:

  • TP cost reduced to 60.

Storm's Path:

  • TP cost reduced to 60
  • Will reduce damage dealt by enemies for a short duration.


  • Range increased to 6 yalms.
  • Pulls enemies.
  • Player HP can not drop below 1 during the effects of Holmgang.
  • Animation's being edited.

Here is the new Holmgang animation screenshot.


  • Reduces damage taken by 30%.

Mercy Stroke:

  • Recast reduced to 40 seconds.

Thrill of Battle:

  • Effect duration increased to 20 seconds.

These are your job-specific skill changes.

Some warrior concept sketches.


  • Enmity generation is increased.
  • Increased HP recovery from curing magic by 20%.

Wrath: (not technically a skill, I know)

  • Bonus healing has been removed, and is now part of the Defiance skill.

Inner Beast:

  • HP absorption has been decreased to 100% to balance other changes.
  • Damage taken is reduced by 20% for six seconds.

Steel Cyclone:

  • Enmity generation increased.


  • Recast reduced to 120 seconds.

As you can see the Warrior's changes are immense. I'll be gearing up my Warrior to endgame level in the near future in preparation for the increased demand for Warriors. I can't wait to utilize the new changes.

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Published Nov. 21st 2013

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