Free Splatoon Wii U Testfire demos start Aug 21

Nintendo opens free Splatoon Testfire demo to Wii U owners in North America, UK and Europe starting Aug 21.

Tons of people are signing up as a squid or a kid with Nintendo's popular new game Splatoon. If you haven't played yet and want to trial the game before immersing yourself into the Inkopolis completely, then you'll soon have your chance. Coming this August 21-23, you can jump online to join in on the Splatoon Testfire demo with other players.

Those who wish to participate must be able to jump online with an internet connection on their Wii U. From there, you can download the Testfire special demo free from in the Nintendo eShop. You will only be able to launch it to join a trial period of 4v4 turf battles on the demo dates during the following times:

  • Aug 21: 3PM-5PM PST (6PM-8PM EST)
  • Aug 22: 3PM-5PM PST (6PM-8PM EST)
  • Aug 23: 3PM-5PM PST (6PM-8PM EST)

The above dates and times are exclusive to North America. If you or your friends are from the UK and Europe, they will be given extended trial dates. European gamers who want to join the Testfire demo August 22-28. The times change by region, listed below:

  • Aug 22: 7PM-8PM UK (8PM-9PM CET)
  • Aug 23: 7PM-8PM UK (8PM-9PM CET)
  • Aug 24: 9AM-10AM UK (10AM-11AM CET)
  • Aug 25: 9AM-10AM UK (10AM-11AM CET)
  • Aug 26: 3PM-4PM UK (4PM-5PM CET)
  • Aug 27: 3PM-4PM UK (4PM-5PM CET)
  • Aug 28: 3PM-4PM UK (4PM-5PM CET)


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Published Jun. 10th 2020

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