The Five Best Minecraft PE Woodland Mansion Seeds

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Seed: 3322636929

Directions: Walk straight until the second village, then turn left

This seed has two villages -- one of which is very close to your spawn -- and a Woodland Mansion near the second village. From your spawn point, walk straight past the first village. Once you reach the second village, turn left. Cross a small lake, and the Woodland Mansion is on the other side, ready to be explored. Remember to take what you need from the two villages to prepare yourself for the mansion’s mobs!

Like the previous seed, this seed will also require you to be in the beta for Minecraft PE version or later. So make sure you're involved in that before you try out this one!

There you have it: the five best Woodland Mansion seeds for Minecraft Pocket Edition. Have a better seed than the ones we have here? Let us know in the comments! And be sure to check out our Woodland Mansion seeds for Minecraft on PC if you want more multi-story manors to explore.

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Published Jun. 14th 2017

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