Mobile Fantasies: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius released

Need your JRPG fix on the go? Final Fantasy Brave Exvius has you covered!

Square Enix released Final Fantasy Brave Exvius today. It is a brand new mobile adventure for iOS and Android. This game goes back to its Final Fantasy roots with and an older, yet beautiful, graphical style. Players go from quest to quest, battling monsters via a side view battle system that uses the iconic "Limit Break" mechanic.

Players can expect to run into characters from other games in the series -- such as Cecil, Vivi, and Terra -- via the summoning system. These characters can be summoned randomly using summon tickets, Lapis, or real money, then added to the party or combined with other characters to enhance them.

The game is free to play with all of the usual IAPs, but according to the press release there will be what they call an "Early Bird Bundle" which is a one time purchase that allows players to grow their characters more quickly. 

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius has been out in Japan for some time and already has 6.5 million players online. Check out the official webpage for more details. 

Published Jun. 30th 2016

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