Minecraft 1.10: The Frostburn Update Officially Released

Minecraft's new update involves tougher zombies, polar bears, and Structure blocks.

Minecraft 1.10: The Frostburn Update now has an official blog post detailing changes after its accidental leak earlier today. Aside from the usual bug fixes, the new update has also added Polar Bears to the frozen plains of Minecraft. And if you didn’t find the desert zombies challenging enough, a much stronger form of zombie may now seek you out. Additionally, the teleporting Endermen can be found in the Nether. You can also look forward to the new auto-jump feature.

Structural improvements involve easier to maneuver paths between buildings in villages and underground fossils made from bone blocks. The new Structure blocks, restricted to creative mode admins, will enable players to stock templates of structures to be placed later using Redstone trickery. Magma Block, Red Nether Bricks, and Nether Wart Block have also been added. Large mushrooms might turn up even larger, lonely trees can show up in plains, and mineshafts filled with gold can now be found in mesa biomes.

And, as the update logs usually note, the mythical Herobrine has supposedly been “removed” once again.


Published Jun. 11th 2020
  • Angelina Bonilla
    Featured Correspondent
    Hmm, this appears to be a rather big set of changes for Minecraft. It may be enough to get me to start playing again. Nice news article about it.
  • Noor Sami
    Thanks, hopefully you like the changes if you start playing again!

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