Xbox One Backwards Compatibility and DLC: How it works

When Microsoft's New Xbox One Experience launches on November 12th, your DLC will not be left behind.

With everyone excited about the November 12th launch of Microsoft's New Xbox One Experience, we take a look at how backwards compatibility affects DLC.

According to GameInformer, you will need to purchase downloadable content on or on your Xbox 360 console to fully access it.

They have confirmed that all DLC will be supported and automatically downloaded onto your Xbox with the supported games. It will also support both digital and disc-based games for Xbox 360.  For users that already own the DLC, they should have no hiccups once the service goes live. Add-ons work the same way, meaning you have to use the Xbox website or load them onto your Xbox 360.

For devoted Xbox fans and casual gamers alike, this is big news given all the time invested in building their collection of games. Seeing that DLC will not be lost during this backward compatibility program makes the November 12th launch that much more exciting.

Are you excited about Microsoft's New Xbox One Experience? Leave a comment below and let us hear about it.


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Published Jun. 11th 2020
  • Pierre Fouquet
    Featured Correspondent
    So I'm in the Preview Program. And I can tell you the dashboard is great. It feels very similar to the newest PS4 UI update, and that update (for me) made using the console bearable (I didn't get on with the PS4 pre-update, the Xbox One pre-preview update, the PS3 ever, or the Xbox 360 after they removed the initial dashboard, the old school one with the slidey things, that was ok).

    But yer anyway, the backward compatiblity just works. It's smooth, and stable. So YAY!!

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