Genshin Impact TCG: Genius Invokation — Best Character Cards Tier List

You can break the meta only with the best character cards in Genshin Impact TCG: Genius Invokation. Our tier list guide will show you which cards are worthy!

There are 27 character cards in Genshin Impact TCG: Genius Invokation. Each card offers a number of skills and a passive that all need to be accounted for when making your decks.

Our guide will provide you with a tier list of the best character cards in Genshin Impact TCG: Genius Invokation. You will learn about their best abilities, synergies, combos, as well as tips on how to unlock these cards.

S-Tier Character Cards


  • Element: Hydro.

Mona's normal attack may not be as strong as of other cards, but her elemental skill and elemental burst attacks are some of the best in the game. Both of them create summons that protect Mona and increase her damage significantly.

Another important characteristic is her access to the Illusory Torrent passive skill, which allows players to quickly switch between active characters, as if it was fast action instead of combat action.

You can unlock Mona by inviting her to a duel at The Cat's Tail and winning in a Friendly Fracas. Mona synergizes the best with such cards like Ningguang, Barbara, and Noelle.


  • Element: Geo.

Noelle has an excellent elemental skill that protects her from damage, but her biggest advantage is the Sweeping Time ability.

This skill is expensive, but once activated it reduces the cost of your normal attacks, and increases their power, while also converting all your normal damage into geo damage.

This skill synergizes greatly with Ningguang's own geo attacks, as well as Xingqiu's normal attacks.

Players can obtain the Noelle card by inviting her to a duel at The Cat's Tail and winning in her Friendly Fracas.

A-Tier Character Cards


  • Element: Electro.

Why deal damage to only one enemy, when you can blast all of them at once?

That's where Fischl comes in with her AoE skill Midnight Phantasmagoria. Yes, it's expensive. But it's highly efficient!

She can also summon an Oz night raven and Nightrider that deal extra electro damage to enemies. Nightrider must be equipped first, but it's worth it as your electro damage doubles up in that case.

Fischl synergizes greatly with Keqing and Collei, and she can be unlocked by inviting her to a duel at The Cat's Tail and winning in the Friendly Fracas.


  • Element: Electro.

Keqing can be a great alternative or a companion to Fischl. Both use electro damage to a great extent, but Keqing's Starward Sword AoE attack is even more powerful than that of Fischl's.

On the other hand, Keqing doesn't have summons, such as Oz. Instead you can use her Lightning Stiletto, which equips her with Electro Infusion, which not only transforms all of her physical damage into electro damage, but also increases it when using her talent card.

As already mentioned, she synergizes with Fischl the best, as well as with Ganyu, and the unlock condition is the same, too.

B-Tier Character Cards


  • Element: Pyro.

There are several really strong pyro characters in Genius Invokation, but Yoimiya offers a special combo that can easily insta-kill a strong enemy.

Players need to combine Yoimiya's skill Ryuukin Saxifrage with another character that deals lots of normal damage. What players need to do is hit an enemy with elemental burst, activating Aurous Blaze, then switch Yoimiya to that other character and deal extra damage, which is usually lethal.

It is recommended to combine Yoimiya with Fischl and Collei for the best results. You can unlock her by winning this character's Friendly Fracas.


  • Element: Cryo.

If you like to freeze your enemies, and combine elements for ultimate elemental bursts, then Chongyun would be a great choice.

His best ability is Chonghua's Layered Frost, which converts all physical damage dealt by your allies into cryo damage. This allows players to achieve swift OTK combos with other elements.

If you want nothing complicated, but pure targeted damage, then use his Cloud-Parting Star attack, which deals 7 points of cryo damage, and that's enough to kill a large enemy.

Chongyun shows the best results with Diluc and Sucrose, so if you want to use him, then you will have to win his Friendly Fracas as well.


  • Element: Dendro.

Collei is a specialized dendro damage dealer. Basically, all her skills, as well as her talent card, do nothing but deal lots and lots of dendro damage.

Her Trump-Card Kitty skill summons Cuilein-Anbar, which deals 2 points of damage at the end of each phase, and if you equip her Floral Sidewinder card, then she deals another 3 points of damage at the end of each phase. That is a lot of passive damage!

Collei works best in tandem with Fischl and Keqing, and her unlock condition also requires you to win her Friendly Fracas.

Those are the best character cards in Genshin Impact TCG: Genius Invokation. Check out other Genshin Impact tips and tricks articles on our dedicated hub page!


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Published Dec. 19th 2022

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