Mei is Bae, and Blizzard made bank in May

Overwatch rakes in $269 million in digital sales in the month of May.

Blizzard is sitting pretty only one month into Overwatch’s lifespan. There was massive intrigue swirling around the release of Blizzard Entertainment’s new IP, so naturally, high sales numbers were expected. In the month of May alone, Overwatch has earned $269 million in digital-sales. That number encompasses all three platforms as well as micro-transactions within the game. This number skies above Battleborn’s sales number of $11 million over the same month.

With Overwatch’s popularity holding steady with its massive player base and extremely high stream viewer count, Blizzard is optimistic that this large revenue number is not an anomaly. The game has adopted a hybrid payment model that utilizes the “Pay to Play” entry fee with “Free to Play” micro-transaction system to ensure revenue longevity. This system will play well with Overwatch’s massive amount of skins, sprays, and icons currently available.

Future content updates will keep players purchasing “Lootboxes” to either feed their completionist needs or to help them acquire that elusive skin or spray.


Published Jun. 23rd 2016

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