Yo-Kai Watch 3 Comes to North America in February

The third entry in the Level-5 monster RPG finally heads west in 2019.

With the launch of Yo-Kai Watch Blasters: Moon Rabbit Crew, the free update for action RPG spin off titles Yo-Kai Watch Blasters: Red Cat Corps and White Dog Squad, Nintendo and Level-5 have announced via Twitter that the next mainline series title, Yo-Kai Watch 3, will head to North America on February 8, 2019 and to Europe this winter.

Yo-Kai Watch 3: Sushi and Yo-Kai Watch 3: Tempura originally launched for Nintendo 3DS in Japan on December 15, 2016. The updated version, Yo-Kai Watch 3: Sukiyaki, launched on July 16, 2016.

It has not been specified which versions of Yo-Kai Watch 3 will be localized or if their names will be changed for western audiences as they were for Yo-Kai Watch 2.

Yo-Kai Watch 3 follows two protagonists and as such, it splits the story between two separate areas. Nate Adams, the protagonist of the previous Yo-Kai Watch titles, returns with his Yo-Kai partners Whisper and Jibanyan while they explore their new home in the United States and find new Yo-Kai known as 'merican Yo-Kai.

In addition to Nate, we follow new protagonist Haley and her Yo-Kai partner Usapyon in Nate's hometown of Springdale.

Yo-Kai Watch 3 will launch for Nintendo 3DS in North America on February 8, 2019 and in Europe this winter. The next title in the series, Yo-Kai Watch 4, is set to launch on Nintendo Switch in Japan in winter 2018.


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Published Sep. 27th 2018

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