Art Of Conquest Looks To Innovate The Mobile MMORTS

Lilith Games have announced MMORTS Art Of Conquest which looks to innovate the genre on mobile

Lilith Games have announced that their upcoming mobile MMORTS, Art Of Conquest is looking to "be a step forward in the MMORTS genre," certainly a bold claim. The game is set in the world of Nore, where developers Lilith claim it will set their game apart from other MMORTS's on the market. Their map is an interactive persistent map with set 'real' locations. This would mean there will be cities and locations that will never move unlike games like Clash of Clans where locations and cities are constantly being moved and randomly spawning.

Lilith are also looking to set the game apart in its combat, allowing for the real-time portion of the RTS back into the mobile platform. Battles, including PVP, are set to take place in real-time and seek to have a card system in place for abilities that the player can use to "turn the tide." Set to feature hero units and over 150 recruitable troop types, not to mention the aforementioned cards which will include hero abilities and spells, it's shaping up to be interesting, to say the least.

As strategy game fans, we hope Art of Conquest can bring a new experience and vision to the genre. In AoC, the players no longer play on an abstract map like in other games, but instead on a real interactive world. It's a strategy game that's about taking your lord through this fantasy world and reacting to what is happening around you. See you in Nore!"

David Du, Lead producer.

The game's guild system is also looking to be a variation on what has come before, with the game having several pre-made Kingdoms for players to join and fight for.

The idea of real-time battles in a genre that has traditional stuck to hands off visual battles could set Art of Conquest apart, but it is too early to tell if the quality of said combat and the other content will match the promises.


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Published Jun. 6th 2017

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