Love Everspace? Try These Space Adventures, Too!

With the recent release of Everspace, people are looking for some more space themed games to play. Here's a few good ones.

Since its official release earlier this year, Everspace has been an immensely popular addition to the roguelike genre. Its smooth controls and intense combat give it a highly polished feel, which most space action games can't seem to nail down.  

There are a ton of great concepts that come together to make Everspace what it is -- and it can be hard to find games that are as satisfying. But here are a few games that should scratch that space adventuring itch just as well. 

FTL: Faster Than Light

ftl faster than light

Recognized as one of the games that popularized the roguelike genre, FTL: Faster Than Light is a phenomenal experience. Players must manage their ship as they travel through the galaxy, fighting rebel forces and other procedurally generated hazards. They have a variety of ships and weapons to utilize, as well as different races of crew members with their own special bonuses.  

Where Everspace sometimes gives the player missions to complete, they are largely optional. FTL utilizes a text-based event system which, more often than not, will include some kind of negative effects to the ship or crew. All in all, FTL is an excellent choice for any players looking for a more challenging style of gameplay. 

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Elite: Dangerous

elite dangerous

Stepping away from the roguelike genre, Elite: Dangerous is a more realistic space simulator. Players are given the freedom to choose their own path -- whether that be piracy, trading, or exploration. Then they can upgrade their ship however they feel would be best for whatever lifestyle they've chosen to pursue. 

Ironically, that amount of freedom is also one of the biggest issues with the game. Given how little it guides you, it's easier for players to lose interest in this experience because they don't have a specific goal. Despite that, Elite: Dangerous has a ton of content with environments that come from real astronomical data, as well as unique procedurally generated planets. You might have to set your own goals, but if you're looking to make a living in space, Elite: Dangerous is worth checking out.

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Pulsar: Lost Colony

pulsar lost colony

An Early Access cooperative space simulation, Pulsar: Lost Colony is an exploration-based game where players team up to take over the various roles in a single ship. Players can complete missions for NPCs, explore planets, or play the pirate and attack other ships.  

It's still in Early Access, so there are still some features that haven't been implemented. With that in mind, the game is still enjoyable -- especially with a full crew. Players looking for a more cooperative space adventure are likely to enjoy Pulsar: Lost Colony

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Strike Suit Zero

strike suit zero

A combination of spaceship and mech suit dog-fighting, Strike Suit Zero steps into the spotlight. Players are given a ship that can swap from a standard spaceship into a Gundam-style mech suit, allowing for a variety of gameplay options. Strike Suit Zero is said to be getting VR support soon, too -- so if you're in need of a VR space shooter, keep an eye on this one.

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This is hardly a comprehensive list of games that focus on the great unknown. Feel free to get out there and explore the final frontier on your own, and let us know about any other great games that brave the infinite dangers of the void. 


Published Jul. 3rd 2017

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