Square Enix Announces Legend of Mana Remaster

Legend of Mana, the outsider of the Mana family, is coming to PC, PS4, and Switch this summer.

Square Enix is releasing Legend of Mana remastered for Nintendo Switch on June 24. The announcement came as part of Nintendo's big February Nintendo Direct. But that doesn't mean it's just on Switch. It's also coming to PC and PlayStation 4 on the same date. 

The classic world-building PS1 title will feature an updated orchestral soundtrack and the option to toggle enemy encounters on and off. The soundtrack can be switched between the remastered version and the original.

There's also a new mode called Ring Ring Land, where players raise monsters through a series of Digi-pet-style minigames.

Legend of Mana breaks from its predecessor, Secret of Mana, and tasks players with literally putting the world back together. The map is blank, but pieces of the world, including dungeons and towns, gradually come back to life as players discover artifacts and fill the map out once again.

Legend of Mana on Nintendo Switch releases June 24. It will retail for $29.99. Pre-orders up until June 23 "will receive an early purchase reward, including 10 avatars and a custom Legend of Mana theme on the PlayStation 4 or Legend of Mana wallpaper on PC," according to Square. 


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Published Feb. 17th 2021

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