Spartacus Legends Getting Local and Custom Multiplayer?

Spartacus Legends might get local multiplayer and private matches?

Spartacus Legends has had a rough launch and during several interviews developers have said there would be local "couch multiplayer". In other words it means it was going to have a local, same console, fighting mode.

Now whether this is still coming is a mystery. But recent inquiries have shed light on the subject. In an email conversation between Ubisoft and BlackTridentGaming, Ubisoft supposedly comments "We plan on adding Split-screen Multiplayer and Online Private Matches that allow you to versus friends". This is great news for those who play the game and were hoping for these features.

When I reached out to BlackTridentGaming, he said,

"Some of us who went to ComiCon noticed that there was a [way for] Split-screen play [to be used] but is not added to the game yet, neither is Custom Battle but will be in the next update or one after that."

Afterwards he requested I spread this news so that fans may know the features they desperately wanted are coming shortly. 


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Published Jul. 1st 2013
  • Clay
    Featured Contributor
    Awesome. Was playing a bunch with my brother earlier and kinda sucked we couldn't fight each other.
  • Cottagepk
    Yeah man! I'm going to destroy my friends a lot. xD

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