LawBreakers Alpha Dated and Promenade Trailer Outed at E3 PC Gaming Show 2016

LawBreakers, by BossKey Productions, has an alpha coming this month and a new trailer for you to consume.

At the E3 PC Gaming Show 2016, Cliff Bleszinski took to the stage to announce some much anticipated dates for the LawBreakers alpha, and an early access release date. The LawBreakers alpha will release on the June 18th, with a pre-load available from the 16th. The Early Access aims to be out by the end of Summer this year.

Alongside those dates, a new map trailer has been released. Set in a future version of Santa Monica, the map is called Promenade. A new game mode, called Turf War, was also teased, but through name only -- I suspect it will be some type of area control mode.

LawBreakers is a character-focused arena shooter. Think Overwatch, but with a more classic shooter spin to it. It's all about gravity manipulation, with low gravity, and no gravity in zero-g combat. LawBreakers takes the classic arena shooters and modernizes them. Alongside the gravity warping, you can also backwards blindfire, and there are some melee characters, more verticality, and character-specific abilities.

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Published Jun. 13th 2016

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