Rambo: The Video Game Pre-orders are.. Adorable?!

Rambo pre-orders now come with one of two limited edition surprisingly adorable figures!

That's right! People who place a pre-order for Rambo: The Video Game will get their mits on one of two limited edition, hand painted, and surprisingly cute, three inch statues! Because nothing exemplifies the violence of RAMBO better an an adorable figurine. 

Figure number one has the titular Rambo holding the iconic assault rifle and wearing, ya know, clothes.

Rambo figure 1

Figure number two has Rambo majestically topless, caressing an RPG and looking like the major badass that he is!

Figure 2

Standing at three inches tall, these figures aren't really all that imposing but damn, they're pretty friggin' adorable! 

Rambo: The Video Game is due out some time this winter, for PC, PS3, 360 and is being developed by Treyon. 

The developer is pitching Rambo as a stealth/action/shooter/run and gun/pretty much every genre mash up, with an emphasis on leaderboards and gunplay! Who knows how that will turn out, but you have to admit, the trailer is ridiculously badass!

In an interview with VG247 they talked about a variety of different choices the player could take.

"For First Blood we give player’s the choice; play like Rambo, who minimised fatalities or if you want you can go all guns blazing and shoot or knife to kill. In the First Blood section stealth hunts with correct timing would give stun take-downs for example, or players can shoot weapons from cops hands to disarm them or other non-lethal areas such as arms and legs to incapacitate them."

As awesome as this sounds, it is a game based on a bunch of movies, based on a book. I think I will be skipping the preorder, and waiting for a while before I pick it up.


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Published Aug. 18th 2013

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