Chroma Blast coming on the Wii U

An arcade shooting game, Chroma Blast, will be coming out on Nintendo eShop this July.

The Vector Assault developer announced that Chroma Blast will be coming out on the Wii U on July 14th. You can buy this game through the Nintendo eShop for $1.49. The game is a like an arcade shooting game.

At first, there will be two game modes, Normal and Survival. There are plans to have 3 more modes added in August or September. The object of the game is to shoot down as many enemies (color dots) as you can while avoiding any missiles to get the highest score you can get. Your cursor is a diamond with a color in each corner, and you can shoot blasts out of your corners. If there is a green enemy dot, then you need to fixate your cursor to be pointing at the green enemy and shoot it. There is a way to press a button and make all of your enemies to a non color so you can shoot any enemies with any color.

It's a pretty simple game, like any other arcade game. Although if you have some tricks up your sleeve, you can do really well and get a really high score.



Published Jul. 4th 2016

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