Blacktail Goes to the Heart of a Haunting Age-Old Story

Blacktail is the debut game from ex-Bloober developers, and it puts you in the shoes of an iconic witch from Slavic folklore.

Blacktail is the debut title for a brand new studio, The Parasight, that started as a group of developers within Bloober Team, the developer behind games like The Medium, Observer, and Layers of Fear. Blacktail puts players in the pointy black hat and boots of Baba Yaga. 

Playing as the infamous witch, you "hunt down living memories" and play through the origins of the classic Slavic myth. You'll search for these memories for "the key to unlocking your future," and discovering the truth behind the mystery of multiple recent child disappearances. 

The Blacktail announcement trailer shows off some of the first-person gameplay we can expect, with Yaga combining her bow with her magical abilities. According to The Parasight, the game will also feature difficult decisions throughout the story, where players can decide to either rewrite what we know about Baba Yaga or remain true to the legends. 

You can be a guardian of the woods or the terror we've heard of growing up, but that'll be for you to decide. A press release regarding the reveal talks about the visual inspiration for Blacktail, as it aims to strike a balance between realism and its storybook setting. 

Blacktail is currently set to launch sometime this winter on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S. It can be wishlisted on Steam. Stay tuned for more, including an official release date.  


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Published Jun. 12th 2021

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