Dead Cells: Fatal Falls Trailer Introduces a Maniacal Flying Sword

Dead Cells: Fatal Falls is out now, complete with one very loyal, very disturbed, flying sword.

Dead Cells: Fatal Falls is out now on PC and consoles. The game's 22nd update brings two new stages and a pet sword, among other things, which Motion Twin introduced in a new animated trailer.

The Beheaded's cute (?) pet falls afoul of some exploding mushrooms, which means it's time for vengeance. But it's also time for Serenade, the sentient pet sword, to show its devotion to the Beheaded by following them relentlessly and slicing through foes like nobody's business.

Aside from adding Serenade, Fatal Falls brings to Dead Cells a new boss, new biomes, new weapons, and much more to discover, which we covered in more detail before.

If that weren't enough reason to give Dead Cells a try (or another go, as it may be), Motion Twin discounted the base game to $12.49, a 50% discount, for the first time ever. Nintendo Switch owners can pick up a brand-new Dead Cells bundle featuring the game, all 20 previous updates, plus the two paid DLC bundles, including Fatal Falls, for $19.99. Those who already own Dead Cells can pick up Fatal Falls for $4.99.


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Published Mar. 10th 2021

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