2018's Most Anticipated Mobile Games

The X-Files: Deep State

Genre: Puzzle adventure
Publisher: FoxNext

The X-Files is soon to return to TV, and it seems it's getting a brand new mobile game to go with it.

The X-Files: Deep State will have players solve puzzles to unravel the mysteries behind Mulder's favorite obsessions: aliens and government conspiracies. Sounds good, right?

It does! And even better, developer FoxNext promises new cases for players to solve each month, alongside character customization and monsters of the week. I think we can officially upgrade "good" to "great" right about now.

Not much is known about this one just yet, but we'll be sure to hear more about Deep State as we edge closer to the return of the TV series on January 3rd, 2018.

Published Nov. 29th 2017

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