2018's Most Anticipated Mobile Games

World of Warships Blitz

Genre: Warship PvP combat
Publisher: Wargaming Group

World of Warships has been on PC since 2015, and now Wargaming Group is ready to bring its combat to mobile devices, albeit a little condensed.

World of Warships Blitz has been out in a number of countries for a little while now, and the consensus seems to be that the gameplay doesn't fall too far from the original game, which is great news.

Its 6 minute battle length may be shorter than some fans of the PC game may enjoy, but short battles will keep Blitz feeling arcade-like and fresh on mobile.

This big boy may actually see a release in December 2017, but it's worth a mention regardless. Those looking for a good non-fighting action game will definitely want to look here.

Published Nov. 29th 2017

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