Godfall Launch Trailer Lights the Forge Ahead of Its November 12 Release

The launch trailer also confirms that Godfall will be a six-month console exclusive on PS5.

Godfall is out on November 12 for PC and PlayStation 5, and to give the hype train a little extra push, publisher Gearbox has released the looter-slasher's action-packed launch trailer. You can see it in all of its divine glory above. 

The short trailer gives us a little more background on the game's story, which "pits brother against brother," Orin against Macros, the game's main antagonist. As Orin seeks revenge, he'll need to defeat Macros' lieutenants, gaining their power to become, well, more powerful. 

Everything is unsurprisingly built around crafting better, more powerful weapons, and the trailer wholeheartedly embraces that central theme, showing off some of the game's retinue of damage dealers. There's everything from swords to hammers to polearms. Some weapons, including shields, can be thrown to deal damage from afar. 

Godfall includes three heroes and five weapon classes. There are also 12 Valorplates (armors) to obtain in the game, each of which carries its own special pros and cons. Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more on Godfall


Published Nov. 5th 2020

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