Five IP's Telltale should adopt

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Telltale Games have developed a reputation over the past few years of being a studio that can create a fantastic, non-canon narrative in universes that already exists. They started off with The Walking Dead, taking the world made by Robert Kirkman in his long running comic book series and creating a heart wrenching, jaw-dropping story. The Wolf Among Us came next, creating a thrilling plot in a world made known through the Fables comics. Tales from the Borderlands is another one they created, using the Borderlands universe as their inspiration. They’ve also adopted the incredibly popular TV series Game of Thrones and created a thrilling experience in Westeros, with characters and their voice actors from the TV series appearing regularly.

Telltale have announced their next major project will take place in one of the many Minecraft worlds and will be titled Minecraft: Story Mode. This is arguably their most ambitious narrative yet, as one of Minecraft’s main features is just that; it has no narrative. Everyone and their aunt is looking forward to Minecraft: Story Mode, but what could they produce afterwards?

Published Jun. 10th 2015

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