Final Fantasy XIV Patch 5.2 Gets New Trailer, Out on Feb. 18

FFXIV's next big patch is bringing more to the table than you might think.

We're edging ever-closer to the release of Final Fantasy XIV's 5.2 patch on February 18, and Square Enix has been sharing just enough about the update to get players excited for what's to come.

Patch 5.2 may not have the most information-laden page at the time of writing, but that doesn't mean it's not bringing much to the table. As with the previous 5.x patches, 5.2 promises to shake things up in more ways than just new main story quests though it is getting new MSQs and a new dungeon to go with them.

Both a new raid and a new dungeon will be added with 5.2, along with a new trial featuring Ruby Weapon from Final Fantasy VII that is sure to be teeth-clenchingly difficult. Qitari beast tribe quests will also be added this patch, in case you needed more dailies to grind.

Ocean fishing is being added to FFXIV with 5.2, which will allow fishers to board ships at certain times of day and partake in 30-minute fishing trips with other players. If you've been looking for something to spice your fishing up, this is certainly it.

There's a lot more to this patch than meets the eye. Even past what's outlined above, 5.2 will be implementing balance changes, even more crafting adjustments, umbrellas, PvP balancing, and new Allagan Tomestones to stockpile.

We only have 11 days until Final Fantasy XIV patch 5.2 makes its way to the client, meaning you have a bit of time to prepare for the new content and be ready to go come release day.

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Published Feb. 7th 2020

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