Top 5 Themes We'd Love to See in a New "World of" MMO

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In the amazing universe that is MMO gaming, there is undoubtedly one world that leads them all. At least for 45 million registered players, this is the World of Tanks, the golden child of MMO developer, Wargaming.

Another two games from Wargaming – World of Warplanes and World of Warships – never became as successful for different reasons. Warplanes didn't become as popular due to rather odd ideas around key binding and plane steering, and Warships because of a lack of tight battle mechanics. 

So, the question is what is it about World of Tanks that makes it so popular among its players?

As very humble World of Tanks player, I've managed to reach about 20 thousand battles and buy probably around 80 percent of the available in-game machines. I can confirm that there are a lot of annoying features in this game, but I can also confirm that it is very addictive because it prefers skills over levels. this means that s skilled tanker can easily succeed in any battle with players driving bigger, and in theory, better tanks.

Another great feature of World of Tanks is the variety of machines and upgrades available for them. Also, building out the skills of your crew members adds to the game's overall variety. Finally, the learning curve is shallow, meaning anyone can pick up and play.

So, looking at the MMO landscape and how popular World of Tanks has become, let’s think what else could be squeezed into this recipe for success. What other "World of" games could Wargaming develop that could take World of Tanks' winning formula and replicate it?

I could personally think of 5 interesting ideas -- although I am sure there is many more.

Published Jan. 21st 2017

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